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The ATF Reverses “Stabilizing Braces” Stance
By George Ross Jr. February 25, 2023

As many of you folks already know the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has published their latest final rule on “Stabilizing Braces” to the Federal Register as of January 31, 2023. This ruling in effect makes an AR with a barrel length of under 16 inches utilizing a pistol stabilizing brace a short barreled rifle after May 31, 2023 and will be subject to NFA Form 1 requirements or be deemed illegal as an unregistered short barreled rifle. While I know this is AR-47.com one interesting tidbit here is that short barreled “firearms” shotguns utilizing pistol stabilizing braces will also be deemed illegal, but there is no tax free why that is being offered to register a short barreled shotgun like there is with short barreled rifles. I am no fan of this. Pistol stabilizing braces have been on the market for ten years now with millions of them being sold with the ATF’s blessing. See the video below for a basic rundown of the situation explained better than I could.

I have already submitted the form 1 for my DH-47. It’s hard to deny you have a “short barreled rifle” when you wrote an article and posted pictures of it on your website. The main take away right now is you do have a few options if you own a “short barreled rifle”. Weather you decide to turn in and destroy, register, remove the “stabilizing brace”, or non compliance is up to you. One word of advice. If you choose to submit a form 1 on the eForms site try and find some guidance. The process is not straight forward and is lacking instruction. Hopefully this whole situation improves akin to the bump stock ordeal.